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Made of high-quality plastic polycarbonate resin, it is a popular material for wide range of architectural roofing due to its simple and cost-effective features. Also, polycarbonate roofing has the features of heat-resistance, sound proofing, durable. It is available in two series of designs which are solid sheet and hollow sheet, and both have the remarkable resistance to the harmful effects of UV light, reducing long term yellowing and hazing.
Polycarbonate roof panels do not leak or crack and are less costly than glass panels, it can also resist high impacts (Its impact strength is 200 times greater than glass and 10 times greater than acrylic.) despite their light weight features. It's suitable for all types of residential properties and produces an excellent porch.
Features and Benefits:
  • Impact-resistance
  • Light weight
  • Light transmission
  • UV Coated
  • Sound Proofing

Polycarbonate 1

Polycarbonate 3

Polycarbonate 4

Polycarbonate 5

Polycarbonate 6

Polycarbonate 7

Polycarbonate 8

Polycarbonate Awning

Polycarbonate 9

Polycarbonate 13

Polycarbonate 12

Polycarbonate 11

Polycarbonate 10


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